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Whatever you aspire to is happening beyond the hills. Pretend you are the bird and are looking at the other side; describe what you see yourself doing there, to include family, career, home, and recreation. The river can carry you most of the way to this ideal place: what do you need before you can start? What do you need to take with you? What do you need along the way? How long will it take to reach the hills? The hills represent a few major obstacles that keep you from completing your trip: describe the obstacles and then describe how you intend to get past them.

Locate a pen and paper for taking notes as you build your map. Jot down items or questions that come to mind as you re-read the text above, then go back and fill in a few details for each item or question. If it becomes a fun project, go back yet again and fill in a third level of details. If you are excited by the challenge, decide if you could use some help planning the trip; if so, you will have a map to share with someone you trust.

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