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carving_toolThe tiny splinter of teak wood that covered the shank of our old cheese slicer blade disintegrated in less than a year of use. The blade was worth keeping so I carved a new handle, epoxied it onto the blade and gave it two coats of varnish. It should last a lifetime.

If it does, I wonder who would appreciate this handy utensil as much as I do. Or will it be tossed out with a truckload of other possessions… some of them acquired from parents and grandparents now long gone.

Those valued items constitute my “estate,” and someone must deal with them when I am gone. I can either name a person I trust to make a good job of it, or the State of California will see to the task for me.

It is probably wise to organize my “stuff” by giving some of it away now, throwing away the less important things, and labeling those items I hope certain people will enjoy keeping for a while beyond my lifetime.

In short, I need to make a will describing who is to get what and naming an executor who can supervise the job.

Have you done this?

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