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The industrial revolution has stamped our brains with a mechanical metaphor for the arc of our lives: work until we wear out or become obsolete, then retire, and then die. On the bright side, my electric hair clippers with the self-sharpening blades are still going strong after fifty years. With a little cleaning and a drop of oil now and then they still hum along nicely. What an efficient design! We too are constructed with elegant engineering. Our brains are designed for self-sharpening, which opens the door to much happier thoughts than the “work, retire, die” scheme we absorbed in our youth. Where daily chores and events deflect many of us from following a path that will keep our brains sharp, remember: who we are and who we will become are energized by our hearts and brains, helping us define who we think we are and who we want to become. We really can strive to stay sharp for life. Once you believe this is a goal worth pursuing, you may find that switching onto such a path can require a mentor… so think about it, search out a mentor, and cut to the chase.

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