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2015.JulybProtecting yourself from Identity Theft is like the weather: everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it. When it rains, everything gets wet so you put on a raincoat. When your identity is pilfered from a database you cannot prevent it from happening. But… you can discover the theft early-on by reviewing your credit card, bank, and investment statements online and regularly. You can limit your credit cards to a single provider you feel will best help you recover from physical loss or theft. You can change the access passwords to your bank and investment accounts regularly. You can add an encryption feature to your emails, to thwart thieves who hunt among them for account numbers, lifestyle clues, and your friends’ identities. You can build a separate email account to use with anything you purchase, subscribe to, enroll in, or report to online… and keep that account’s Contacts folder empty. In short, you can think like a thief every time you spot or touch your plastic money, set up a cash transfer, write an email, enter your computer, or share your Social Security Number. It’s like putting on a raincoat in a rainstorm… not perfect, but definitely helpful.

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