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passwordLiving in the digital age extends our planning chores, financial and otherwise. If you email friends, family, your business associates or the IRS, and pay bills, shop, tweet or link-in online, the chances are you operate at least 25 online password-protected accounts. What happens to all that traffic when you die?

If you have not considered this by now, it’s time to type in the question on your favorite search engine; scanning a few sites (AARP, Everplans, PEW Research, etc.) will motivate you, for sure.

  • If you do not have a list of your various passwords, build one somewhere and tell someone younger than you its location and someone else its password.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to look at your online persona just as you might look at what is in your attic or garage: can you start trimming it down?
  • If you keep gigabytes of online photos, which are important keepsakes for your heirs? What about the music, movies, and bookmarks?
  • If you have worked diligently to construct a paperless office, who’s next in line to keep it going?

What we leave in The Cloud assures our immortality until someone else can deal with it… for better or for worse.

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