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2016.JulbOur internal metronomes resonate within the higher frequencies of global communications, technological innovation, faster sales “turnover,” daily commuting, and a never-ending series of chores we must finish before sundown. The pace robs us of our chance to reflect upon the choices we must make and limits us to a range of two: “yes or no,” “right or wrong,” “good or bad,” “win or lose.” The rapid pace polarizes us as we slide into one or another of two camps that spring up instantly on every issue, public and private. There’s not enough time for “maybe,” “I’ll decide later,” or “do you have a better idea?” The pace of our daily lives has led a few of us to require a mechanical pacemaker in order to maintain an acceptable heartbeat. Others recognize the accelerating shrinkage of time in their daily lives, and consciously make time to consider some third, acceptable option when making their decisions. Making time to choose among at least three options can even out our rhythm and make room for wisdom to work in our lives. The beat goes on, but at a human frequency. It’s worth a try, don’t you think (circle “yes,” “no,” or “I’ll give you my answer before noon tomorrow”)?

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