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FlyFishingFor many of us anglers, fly fishing trips start with a mental image of the destination lake or stream. The image includes the type of fish we hope to catch, and that determines which fly rod and which flies to take along. It is essential to make reservations and review the route, the rest stops, and the cafes on the way. And it helps to sum up the anticipated costs for gas, guides, food, lodging, and “stuff” we invariably buy at a local fly shop. It also helps a lot to have a friend or a grandfather to teach us the ropes at an early age so all this planning becomes routine enough to do in the dark. Eventually fly fishing trips become a part of life, regularly and with joy. The same process applies to planning for and practicing our retirement: establish an image of where we want to be across our retirement years, locate a guide, assemble the necessary gear, sum up the anticipated costs, and arrange life to accommodate regular excursions into that realm: rehearsals for the main event. As with anything else worth doing, the earlier we begin, the more fun the trip. Don’t miss it!

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