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What to do, what to do.. Should I liquidate my portfolio before election day? What will be the impact on the world’s markets of some pretty wild anticipated and actual outcomes? Can the markets behave as badly as some of the candidates? I don’t think so… especially long term. Will the markets survive? Of course they will. We’ve felt these concerns to a greater or lesser extent before every election. We’ll hear once again just how badly the economy will be damaged if the other guy wins, and there may even be noise about taking dramatic steps to protect our investments… but not from me. I’ve been hurt in the market only once, for any length of time: my advisor convinced me that it was unnecessary to diversify my portfolio during the Dot-Com boom. The resultant bust was painful. By the time the 2008-2009 meltdown came along, my portfolio had recovered and was properly diversified at an acceptable level of risk. I learned my lesson, and I pass it along to you now. You stay calm, make sure your investments are balanced and diversified among stocks, bonds, and cash, consider the candidates’ promises, and vote your heart.

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