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appleThe Garden of Eden is as much a state of mind as it might have been an actual place. Dining on forbidden fruit does tend, as the story goes, to change one’s perception of what life is all about. Adam and Eve were expelled from their Eden; their son Cain wandered away to some place “east of Eden” after he killed his brother. The story implies that we humans are prone to stray from our vision of Eden but eventually we would like to retire there. If you envision a move to a nice place, either right now or “later,” know that after you settle in your children, nieces and nephews, classmates, old army buddies and their families will probably want to visit you. You won’t have to go anywhere ever again. This makes great sense in your elder years. If you have planned well and are blessed with the ability to choose the location of your Eden, make sure it offers good shopping and hospitals and theater and wi-fi. And… see if you would choose to go out of your way to visit the place just to spend time with old folks like we all shall become.

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