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2016.Apr72dpi“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” sounds like an excuse not to make a plan, especially when we can now obtain a FasTrak toll tag before setting out on a trip. Before bridges we had to go with the flow of a river or a canal to connect events in our lives. Our roads and railroads need bridges. Bridges can make an island part of a city. Bridges are both connections and hindrances. Bridges are indispensable to travel and a challenge at rush hours. There are other “bridges” in our lives: getting through college, marriage, making a home, changing careers, reaching retirement, and leaving this world for whatever comes next. There are no FasTrak toll tags for these bridges, other than inviting someone who knows a lot about bridges to help us with our plans to get through them… and to pay the tolls along the way. An experienced financial planner can brighten prospects and smooth the journey.

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