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2014.JuneEvery now and then, a new twist can change things in a nice way, for a lifetime. When you tie your shoelaces, you probably start with an overhand knot, make a bow and secure it with another overhand knot while pulling out the second bow. The finished job is a granny knot with two bows, and you probably stop to re-tie your shoelaces on long walks.

If that happens, make the first knot an underhand knot and do everything else your usual way. The finished job should be a square knot with two bows, and it doesn’t work loose on long walks.

As with shoelaces, some of us never learned to incorporate a financial square knot into our money habits. We all know that tying up loose ends can prevent things from unraveling in the long run, but few of us think of seeking guidance from a skilled financial planner.

Make that a goal, if you haven’t already done so: it is never too late to learn a new and better twist.

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