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moneyfridge2Many of us select our refrigerators more critically than we select our investments, so let us design an “investment refrigerator” to hold investments we hope will fund our retirement and our legacy.

Ready cash goes into the door shelves, about 10% of total holdings. Common stocks representing ownership in large cap and small cap company stocks, both international and domestic and of growth and of value qualities go onto the refrigeration compartment shelves.

The freezer compartment should hold bonds… short term and longer term, foreign and domestic, corporate, municipal, and government issues. These bonds will act like ice cubes to diminish spoilage among overall portfolio values during market power outages.

The percentage of our bond holdings will be larger or smaller than that of our stock holdings, depending upon how much market risk we can accept without panicking; choose the freezer size accordingly.

Bond holdings should be of a sufficient amount to give us the time we need to endure the most exciting market periods… time to buy stocks low and sell them high.

Now you can picture the dimensions of your investment refrigerator, so plug it in and fill it carefully as the years go by.

You will be glad you did.

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