Assess. Plan. Manage.  

Our clients ask us to help them assess where they are now, financially, and what they might be doing to keep up with change, and where to start. We help clients outline their choices, understand consequences before making choices, and then decide on a plan of action.

The objective is for clients to manage and balance their short-term needs, such as monthly cash flow, against long-term goals such as paying off a home mortgage and funding retirement.

The result is organization around a financial plan each client can work with and adapt to emergencies and opportunities across a lifetime.

  Our Three Financial Planning Services:  
Financial Planning and
Investment Management

If you seek lifetime planning and portfolio management for the long term, then our Financial Planning and Investment Management service may prove to be a perfect fit for you. Adopting careful personal financial planning considerations together with intelligent investment management practices can broaden the scope of your life and your resources well beyond your present expectations. Read more detail

  Financial Planning Only  

It is not easy to anticipate inevitable financial challenges posed by home ownership, education costs, employment, marriage, divorce, parenting, career change, elder care, health expenses, retirement and death. Our clients have their Fountain advisor on call to help them prepare sufficient funds to deal with such surprises. If you do not require asset-specific investment advice or our investment management attention, you can choose the Financial Planning Only service. Read more detail

  Fresh Look  

If you seek a second opinion or just a fresh look at your lifetime plan and finances, you may prefer our Fresh Look service. A one-time, up-front fee of $750 covers five hours of professional planning advice across three consecutive months. When you achieve a workable plan, you can download it and proceed with confidence on your own.
Read more detail


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